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At Tickertape, our pursuit is to improve financial literacy & drive financial independence for the masses. Why these, you might ask?

Let’s understand the gravity & seriousness of what we are trying to solve:

On the Financial Literacy front: Despite having a population of 1.3 billion people, about 76% of the adult population are yet to improve upon their understanding of basic financial concepts. India has the potential to be among the top financial literate country in the world as 27.6% of its people between the age group 25-44 continue participating in the financial inclusion program through financial education. This rate could expand by more than 20% in the next two decades if the youngsters within the age group 10-19 are also provided proper financial education. This group constitutes about 21.8% of India’s population.

On the Financial Independence front: As expected, money parked in banks collectively amounts to about 56%, while cash is around 13 %. In sum, about 70% of a household’s financial assets are in instruments that do little to uplift them. Meanwhile, the pool of money that is expected to:

  • grow your wealth
  • protect you from inflation
  • support your retirement

…comprises only ~7%.

Eureka, & unlike Archimedes, we haven’t solved this yet, but we have figured out the Why, What, How of it. And if you equally are as passionate & have demonstrated ideas to solve these problem statement, then hit us up here. Always on the lookout for great talent & 100x ideas that amplify our efforts to solve above problem statement, we would love to jump into a conversation & execute things to action.

About Tickertape:

Tickertape is disrupting the investments sector by bringing in a fresh approach to analysis and tracking. Our mission is to bring sophisticated tools to retail users in an intuitive and approachable manner. We’ve grown rapidly in the past 12 months. With a monthly active user base that is north of 55 lakhs and over 10 crores monthly page hits, we’ve carved a niche out in a retail investor’s tool-set. The future is extremely bright, as we look to increase and improve our offerings. There’re a lot of things in the pipeline and we’re looking for folks who are industry creators to help us build them. Altering the paradigm is what we think about every day, the team at Tickertape is young and extremely hungry and we’re looking for folks who fit this persona.

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